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I played these adventures with my group, so they have minimal playtesting. If you have anything to say about them, mail me.

So here are the adventures:
OA1: The Cult of the Barbed Tentacle. In this epic tale of conflict and heroism, the PCs are pitted against the denizens of the Shadow Plane who plan the abduction of a holy man for purposes so sinister that only massive wuxia swordsplay can stop them. pdf
OA2: Pagoda of the Dragon Sons. When the PCs visit a monastery looking for their long lost relative, they stumble upon a dreadful mystery which might change their lives forever (i.e. end them) pdf
OA3: Raiders of Fei Jian. The poor village of Fei Jian is raided by 3 different gangs. Can the valiant PCs end this plight? pdf
OA4: Tunnel Fighting. In the hellish depth of the mines of the Nuzumi network a war rages between the ratmen and insectoid terrors from the deep. Will the PCs save rathood from the denizens of the depth or will the richest rat city in the world succumb to terror? pdf
OA5: Deep Prison. Deep below the surface of the Southern Sea the Pcs are kept prisoners by the terrible mind flayers. Can they escape their inevitable doom or will the heroes succumb to brain-eating monsters? pdf
OA6: The Water Scroll. The dark forces stir in the world and some patron or the other hires the PCs to get him what he needs to stop this evil - the miracolous water scroll! pdf
OA7: The Assasin's Blade. A mysterious murder is blamed on the PCs as usual and they have to prove their innosence to avert a civil war of epic proportions. pdf, Handout 1 (gif), Handout 2 (gif)
OA8: Red Sun Rising. War is stirring in the Shattered Empire. Can the PCs reach a lonely outpost before it is overrun by the forces of the Red-Gloved Daimyo? pdf
OA9: Uniting the Scrolls. Adventures at the court of the Jade Emperor. Intrigue and deception await our heroes in the province of the construct-lich. pdf
OA10: The Journey West. A powerful prophet, who knows every single word that has ever been uttered, lives in the West. Will the characters find out who is behind the looming war or will they be vanquished in the foul woods of the Bloodrain Forest? pdf

You are allowed to use all of this material, put it on your website (if you mention this site closeby), and print it. However, if you do so, be kind enough to drop me a mail (with Oriental somewhere in the subject, I get tons of spam). I would also like to get adventure ideas from others.