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Here is all the stuff that did not fit anywhere else. Not that it is much, but you might be able to use some of it in your campaign, especially if you are as fond of bookkeeping as I am. :)

So here's the misc stuff:
James Wyatt. OK, you cannot download James Wyatt here, but look at an interview he gave me. html
Equipment Sheet. If you are tired of having to lie about the fact that you are not wearing armour, try this equipment sheet that allows you to outfit your character for different situations. pdf, jpg(1), jpg(2)
Our Adventure Logbook. This is the logbook of the group I am playing these adventures with. Enjoy! pdf
Map Templates. These CorelDraw files contain pieces used in my maps. Use them to make your own and if you want to send them to me. zip

You are allowed to use all of this material, put it on your website (if you mention this site closeby), and print it. However, if you do so, be kind enough to drop me a mail (with Oriental somewhere in the subject, I get tons of spam).